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First Golf Event Completed!

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The first country to kick off with a Golf
Event for the CAMEA Golf Cup was
Azerbaijan. Halal-P LLC organized
their Golf Event on Saturday the 15th
of November.
Here is a short account of the event:
Currently the only Golf course in Azerbaijan is
in Guba city. Guba is situated approximately
200 km from Baku. Halal-P LLC brought
together their existing and potential
customers and took them to Guba National
Golf Club.
The participants set off at 8:00 in the morning
from Baku and enjoyed a nice breakfast on
the way. After arriving in Guba a cultural
event had been arranged for them. After the
lunch the participants made their appearance
at the Golf Course.
The participants enjoyed a short introduction
in playing golf. We admit that all the
participants are beginners when it comes
to playing golf…but there were some quick
learners amongst them. After the initial
introduction session the competition amongst
24 participants started.
Taking into account that the participants had
little knowledge about the game, everyone
enjoyed the session. The set-up of our
competition was playing for the Longest
Drive. After two-hours, the winner was clear.
The Director of Max Print printing house -
Sergey Antonov – achieved the highest score
and was declared the winner of the Halal-P
LLC Golf Event. Mr. Antonov has shared his
feelings with us after the event:
“Konica Minolta’s invitation was unexpected
but a pleasant surprise. Winning a chance
to go to Kenya is very exciting. It is true
that I don’t know the game well, but I’m not
planning to go to Kenya as a tourist. I have
three months in front of me. I have already
spoken with the Pro’s at the Golf club and
I will come here frequently from now on to
increase my skills. I thank Konica Minolta for
such an opportunity for their customers.
Konica Minolta and Halal-P bring together
important people from different sectors; it was
a good experience and great entertainment
for us.”

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